Author of Amazing Originals

Author of Amazing Originals

Author of Amazing OriginalsAuthor of Amazing OriginalsAuthor of Amazing Originals

What you will receive after purchasing: An instantly downloadable PDF book formatted in large print for viewing on desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. Adobe version 6.0 or higher. 


After enduring a series of spiritual attacks for six months, I traced the beginning of my spiritual awakening to a medical procedure performed on my lower back. Through research, I have theorized that an energy center - known as Kundalini - was somehow activated. As a prelude to the onslaught of attacks, I saw images of Mara, the Hindu equivalent of the devil, wallpapered within an image on my work computer. I do not practice Hinduism or Buddhism. My journey was initially frightening but unfolded in amazingly visual ways. Supported with more than 100 photographs of hidden realms spanning over a period of eight years, UNVEILING is a visual journey of my awakening to the gifts of a seer.

This book contains more than 100 individual photographs, plus two or more versions of each photograph, which some viewers may find graphic or disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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